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Project Background
In late 2004, the Government proposed a Concept Plan for Lantau to provide an overall planning framework so as to ensure a balanced and co-ordinated approach for the future development of Lantau.
Taking into account the public comments and suggestions received, Planning Department drew up the Land Use Concept Plans for Mui Wo Facelift in mid-2006. Starting from a Local Forum organized by Planning Department in November 2006, the public was continuously consulted on the facelift proposals up to January 2007. There was a general support from the local community on the Mui Wo facelift proposals to enhance the environment and attractiveness of Mui Wo town centre and explore the recreational potential of Mui Wo so as to revitalize its local economy. These ideas were incorporated in the Revised Concept Plan for Lantau released in May 2007.
To examine the feasibility and implementation requirements of the proposals, the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) commissioned in June 2007 a feasibility study of the improvement works for Mui Wo Facelift. The study was completed in 2009, with the preliminary design of the improvement works formulated.
The findings and preliminary design of the improvement works items were presented to the Islands District Council on 6 April 2009 and Members supported the implementation of the following works items.
Brief Description of Project Scope
Phase 1 works include:
  • (1) a 230-metre (m) long and 11.5-m wide segregated pedestrian walkway and cycle track along the waterfront between Mui Wo Cooked Food Market and River Silver;
  • (2) a 35-m long and 4.8-m wide footbridge across River Silver;
  • (3) a civic square near Mui Wo old town with associated landscaped area, recreational and leisure facilities and a performance venue;
  • (4) seven amenity areas in villages at Mui Wo; and
  • (5) ancillary works including information boards, signage, landscaping, drainage and utilities works.
Phase 2 Stage 1 works include:
  • (1) realignment of a section of Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road and extension of existing car parking area and;
  • (2) ancillary works including geotechnical, landscaping, drainage and utility works.
Remaining Phase (Phase 2 Stage 2) works comprise:
  • (1) improvement to south waterfront promenade;
  • (2) reprovisioning of cargo loading and unloading area at the ex-concrete batching plant;
  • (3) reprovisioning of public toilet and 4 dry goods stalls;
  • (4) reprovisioning of new cooked food market (including 16 cooked food stalls);
  • (5) construction of landscape deck;
  • (6) reprovisioning of covered cycle parking area (providing about 1900 cycle parking spaces) and car park (providing about 60 to 70 parking spaces for private car);
  • (7) improvement of Entrance Plaza; and
  • (8) provision of public transport interchange and refuse collection point
Project Status
Mui Wo Phase 1 works commenced on 4 July 2014 and completed in June 2017.
Mui Wo Phase 2 Stage 1 works had commenced on 28 July 2016 and was substantially completed and opened to the public in mid-April 2019.